Luxury Collection

Exclusive fitness equipment for the driven elite

The MH Luxury Collection is the most refined fitness equipment ever created.

The Range


Inspired by the natural world, our dumbbells are available in two distinctive weight-plate designs – the Atoll and the Polaris. Both of which, offer a unique blend of functional importance with contemporary style. Combine either of these with the classic stainless steel handle or one of our unique leather-covered options, and you are already one step ahead of the rest.

The Atoll

With soft rounded lines, we have upgraded the basic and created a classic.

The Polaris

Our distinctive eight cornered design, offers smooth natural symmetry as well as practical benefits for onboard facilities.

The Falcon Bar

Our Falcon bars offer an innovative blend of function and style in one elegant design.

Whether it is a single bar or the full set, these luxury bars provide the ultimate resistance workout for all fashion conscious athletes.

Born from function

Designed with individuality

Forged from quality

For those who prefer to be different, the MH Luxury Collection offers truly bespoke design with exceptional quality.

A functional, yet chic line of exercise equipment to accommodate those who favour the exclusive.