The pinnacle of aesthetic performance

The pinnacle of aesthetic performance for the elite, our fitness range is focused on delivering bespoke solutions for the superyacht community, private residences and elite gyms.

Performance & Luxury combined

Created with an exceptional team of manufacturers in the UK.

Our materials are second to none and built to generate performance.

Superyacht Grade Steel

We utilise the finest stainless steel from our interior design specialists within the superyacht industry.

F1 Material technology

Composite material technologies from our partner within the world of F1.

Race car with blur

Premier leather

Premier leather integration from one of London’s leading suppliers.

Royal Warrants

We are proud to partner with a Royal Warrant appointed supplier.

United Kingdom coat of arms stamp with rubber stamp on craft pap

Exceptional Quality for the discerning Owner

With this extraordinary expertise involved, we offer truly bespoke products of exceptional quality.

We hand over an unprecedented level of detail and customisations to ensure every aspect is unique to you.

Accessories & Personalisation

Leather trim

Natural, textured and colour matched leather from one of London’s premier suppliers. All hand finished with a choice of two stitching options.

Precision Marking & Engraving

Internationally acclaimed precision marking & engraving, for those who like to make a statement.

End plate design for custom branding

For those after personal or company branding, we provide unique decorative finishes and custom logos. The choice is now yours.

Precious Gemstones

Gemstones and precious metals from one of London’s leading bespoke jewellers.